Monday, May 16, 2011

ODS's reflections

This reflection is based on last thursday's paper. The "IN" paper, page 20,9.

1st article : Pokemon has influenced us from young, a part of our childhood. A comic in Japan soon became world reknowned after television programmes, comic books and games are published from stalls all over the world. It is still advancing and upgrading now, people racking their brains creating new chapter, storyline, chracters, etc. It seems to be an endless trend. However, on the article, it speaks of the pokemon's characteristics. The advancement of Pokemon battle, moves, conditions, type, abilities and battle choices have improved greatly since its release. There are up to 649 pokemons currently, still encounting. This shows the endless amount of creativity flowing from the creators of them. Although losing interest in Pokemons and remember everyone of them, I will always remember the pokemon of old generations.

2nd article : Justin Bieber is now a world hit. I have not heard of him till this year, but rumors are terrorising his reputation. I think this will have to stop, I am sure Justin put in hard work to be this famous, however, getting hit by numerous rumors are not good for his reputation. Yes, I do agree that his songs are not much of any interesting. I would prefer Taylor Swift, Thousand Foot Krutch than him. However, starting out bad is not all that bad. Rebecca Black, infamously known for the new song, "Friday". That song is crappy, however, I hear more people singing "Friday" and "Baby" than "Enchanted". This may be the best way to publised. Making the consumer publicise for the author.

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