Monday, May 16, 2011

Jonathan (12) Article Reflections

1st article : The first article I read about was the article on an Australian man who died because of his 'planking' stunt. The article states that planking has become a new craze for people. Planking involves a person lying flat on their abdomen with their arms on their bodies, sometimes in unusual positions. There are photographs on the Internet showing off many people's planking stunts. However, one young man had decided to plank on a balcony, with the result of him falling to his death. Personally, while I do pity the young man, I do find this a little meaningless. People are risking their lives doing stunts that endanger their lives just to get a picture of it, post it on Facebook and show off their stunts. I find it really a waste of their time, energy, and in this case, life.

2nd article : The second article I read about was the resignation of SM Goh and MM Lee. While there are many saying that their resignation would be a 'waste of their talents' and that both still have 'more to contribute', I feel that this decision really depends on their own feelings. Both have spent a long amount of time helping shape Singapore, and I feel that if they want to take a break, then they have well deserved one. While I do agree that they could continue contributing to Singapore with their knowledge and skills, I feel the best way would be for them to continue serving in a 'behind-the-scene' manner. While it could be true that it is time for the younger generation to lead Singapore, the younger generation would need guidance from the elders, and I feel that SM Goh and MM Lee could help with that.

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