Monday, May 16, 2011

Article Comments by Izzat Syahmi

Article 1: for skateboarders, by skateboarders
It is getting into the trend of teenagers skateboarding as a pastime, and now more are getting serious and trying to make it into a legitimate sport. It is quite interesting to know that there is also a skateboarding club in Singapore Polytechnic. I feel that it is good that teenagers aren't afraid to voice out what could be improved of their skateparks. This shows as they have a strong passion for their interest, and also would try to maintain safety for themselves and also others.

Article 2: Spotlight on the Subheroes
I am quite interested to know what superhero could be in another movie. I never get tired in watching fictional shows that are good and fast-paced to watch, such as superhero movies. It has been said that all the good superheroes already have their own movies, and now, it seems that people are figuring out what other not-so-famous hero could be in their own movie, and if it would be an interesting one that everyone would enjoy.

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