Monday, May 16, 2011

siah wei's reflection on two articles

Article 1
I read about 'Planking, which caused the life of some dude who fell down from the 17 floor. Alright, planking is about nevermind I have pictures, then I describe it alright?
Good. Now this picture is showing a guy lying down on a signboard, so If he falls off all he gets is just broken limbs and a concussion.Alright pretend I was not sarcastic. Moving on, In general, planking is where a person lies down on somewhere dangerous, like a balcony on the 17th floor of a building, or just simply on the road. They take visual evidence, then post it. Kind of like a daredevil club. No, wait, more like a Suicide club. That's it. I mean, what's the point. You get a picture. So what? I don't know, you got to ask them what's going on in their minds.

Article 2
I read about the article titled 'Justin bieber haters lash out'. We all know he has been hated quite a lot, but recently it has just been getting too serious. I do not really agree with Bieber rising to fame too quickly and as a result getting humiliated. No. Personally, I feel that it was because his voice was a little too high pitched... Anyway, I may have enjoyed the jokes about him, but what I just saw on that article, seems acceptable, but imagine, these rumors have actually been believed to be true! So it is not just a half-decent rumor being spread (nobody knows if it is true), but there have been people who gang up on him. Now that, is not nice. Nobody, not even the person I hate most should receive that. That has been going too far, thats all I am saying. And I you disagree, put your opinion in the Comments Section below


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