Monday, May 16, 2011

Hao Ming's Reflection on Two Articles

The first article which I am doing a reflection on is about Malaysia's economy. This article had talked about the present Malaysian economy and especially about the business there. Malaysia had been criticised of sending out mixed signals, but Talent Corporation Chief Johan Mahmood Merican insists that it was normal to have different groups to make their voices heard in 'thriving democracy'. The Talent Corporation was set up in January 2011 to undertake the task of searching for new specialised and experienced workers to be employed for the businesses in Malaysia. Mr Johan said that it was not easy to find such workers and the results proved so. This company had released a total of 2 schemes, and 1 scheme is about searching for new and specialised foreign workers, including those Malaysians who became the PRs of the other countries. The other scheme is to search for specialised workers from abroad their country itself (local workers). 

However, the search did not prove very successful because in the past decade, there were only a total of 750 specialised workers from the latter scheme (local workers). This is not enough for Malaysia, which has 80% of the workers as those who only got a certificate from university only. Because of this, the Talent Corporation is still trying to find more new and better ways to attract specialised workers to carry out business in Malaysia. They are trying to learn from the economy of Singapore, their neighbouring country. Singapore has been a successful country in attracting specialised foreign workers. And now, people are complaining that Malaysia are following the other countries (in terms of economy), but Johan denied that and said it was up to the President or the Prime Minister. However, although Malaysia' economy is not very good, they still have other international competitive resources like oil and coal. Oil and coal are the natural resources which are commonly found in Malaysia and each have many uses.

This article is found in the 'Straits Times' Section of the Monday Newspaper, on Page A9 under 'World'. 

The second article which I am reflecting about is on the ways to deal with emotions in the cyber realm. There are many people who are playing games on their computer, especially violent ones, but at the same time they may not notice that they are actually offending and hurting others. Anger and hurt could also be expressed in video games rather than in the real world itself, and sometimes this hurt that is caused can actually offend other gamers more badly than when it is caused in real life. In the world of people who play games, they include the players, and these players can include 'kill-stealers', gankers, griefers, and spawn campers, and of course, others. 'Kill-stealers' are those people who get the credit from their games without even doing anything. For example, some other player may be fighting a monster or another soldier, and is almost about to finish it, but suddenly another player, without the permission of this player (who has been fighting the monster or the soldier), jumps in and finish it with a final blow to get the credit. This will not only give him the credit and experience, it will also cause the player who has been fighting these monsters to waste their time, and therefore a grudge will occur between the 2 players. Gankers are those players who have a high level character and looks down on others. These players will normally use their character to fight those lower-level characters repeatedly, for the fun of it; they know their high-level character is able to beat the lower-level ones.

Griefers are actually the same as 'kill-stealers', but instead of calling them 'kill-stealers', it will be better to call them griefers. Griefers are those people who kill-steal other people, and also kill others' characters or behave badly just for the fun of it, as they can annoy the other players. However, they do not notice that they are actually hurting these players and may cause a grudge. This huge grudge may cause the other players to be tempted to take revenge on this annoying player, by either forming a gang from their characters to fight against this player's character, or by doing somethings which will hurt him in real life. These things may include the shaming the annoying player (offender) in public by telling other players about him in the in-game chat window. Lastly, spawn camping is an action of waiting at the area where another player is being resurrected and killing him while he is still unprepared. Spawn campers are those players who does these. Therefore, it is important not to irritate and offend other people on video games. But, at the same time, it is also important for the people who are offended to resist and not continue to get revenge on the offenders. As we all know, kill-stealing is considered as a form of harassment in online video games (for the offenders), and shaming the offender in public is also another form of harassment (for those players who were offended and eager to take revenge).

This article is found on the 'in' section of the Monday Newspaper. It is found on Page 8, titled 'Dealing with emotions in the cyber realm'. The definitions of 4 words in the article are at the bottom of the page.

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