Friday, January 21, 2011

Blog Question for Chapter 2 of Handout - Hurting Myself (Matthias Lee)

How comfortable are you with yourself & how do ensure you do not hurt yourself?

I am comfortable with myself.In fact everybody should be 
comfortable with ourself as we all have our goals.What we look like should not affect much of your life.Setting goals will help you have a clear view of your life and will lead a clear and comfortable journey.Life will ALWAYS have difficulties,but we can actually solve them easily by
-Sharing burdens and joy with friends
-Consult your parents or a teacher,better yet,a counselor.

I can ensure that I will not hurt myself by being careful,expect the unexpected,share burdens.

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  1. Matthias,
    Thank you for your thoughts about this. You have provided some sound methods to ensure good mental health.

    As for the writing: You need to start expanding your ideas. For example when you said ' In fact everybody should be comfortable with ourselves as we all have our goals'. What do you actually mean by 'having our goals'. Although you did later explain what goals do for us, you have yet to link it to be being comfortable with oneself well.

    Also, the sentence ' What we look like should not affect much of your life' in the middle of your first idea of having goals= feeling comfortable with oneself distracts from that main idea. It should either be used as another main idea in a new paragraph or perhaps, used as part of an illustration of your first idea.

    You could also expand your ideas more in your last sentence when you say you will not hurt yourself by being careful, expect the unexpected and share your burdens. You could do so by giving examples to illustrate each of these methods.