Sunday, January 23, 2011

Chapter 2(Hurting Myself) Jake Wee

Blog Assessment
How comfortable are you with yourself & how do ensure you do not hurt yourself?

I am currently rather comfortable with myself. Although sometimes, i have issues with my appearances and looks and maybe how people have an outlook of me, but i would make it a point to share it with my parents and my close friends(mostly from primary school) and seek their comfort or opinions on such issues. Although there was a period of time when i felt left out of the class and could not gel together with the class and work together due to our discrepancies, I tried to work together. Till today I'm still facing this problem, but to conquer it, I feel that we must share our views with the group/ person that you are unhappy about. We must be "thick-skinned" and put the unhappy past behind and continue on with life and ignoring any comments that would not support our "youth-hood" growth. Cherishing our youth and continuing each day with a smile on our face.
Well, I have NEVER faced a problem of hurting myself, and have never been "emo" to the point of wanting to hurt myself, but as I said previously, any grudges, hatred or disagreements we have with a certain person/group, letting ot out will help us. In fact, researchers say that holding on to a grudge can lead to not only emotional problems, but medical problems too.

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  1. Jake,
    Thanks for sharing your honest thoughts. I think being comfortable with oneself is generally not a huge issue with people and issues like being self conscious of your looks is not abnormal. I believe almost everyone goes through that phase and some people (adults) still get affected by a pimple, a wrinkle, droopy biceps, imperfect eyebrows right up to their late adulthood. As long as it doesn't make you totally obsessed over it until your life is take over by it, I think it is normal.

    As for feeling left out or finding it hard to really work in groups, it is again normal. Some working adults have issues working in teams at their workplace but if they had the attitude like yours to try, things would be way better for them. I will try to address teamwork in my Oral Communication & Presentation Skills session later in the term so that it may help everyone to work better in groups.