Monday, January 17, 2011

Emotional basket case Ch 1 (Jonathan 12)

I feel that if you are depressed, different from others, suffering from heartbreaks or lonely, you should tell someone you trust alot. Someone who you know will not betray your trust. I feel this way because it is not good to keep your feelings all to yourself. Sometimes telling people about your problems could help you by letting the other person give advice or solutions. Of course you can handle these situations yourself by being positive and believe in yourself, though there will definitely come a time where you need someone to talk to and to encourage you.

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  1. The recommendation to deal with these issues by talking to someone is always a useful one. However there are people who feel they cannot find someone they trust enough to bare their souls to. I suppose the idea is to find someone you know is a responsible and trustworthy person. Some people go to their religious leaders or teachers. Some people also feel it is much better to talk to a school counsellor because they are professionally trained to help students.

    * Your answer didn't address the question fully.
    What do you personally think / feel about each of the issues mentioned? For e.g. what is loneliness to you or what you think depression is or what do you think are the causes of heartbreaks?