Thursday, February 10, 2011

Chapter 4 Losing it (Joel)

Blog Question:
I learnt to live in the moment; to live your life to the fullest; to not waste your time to express your feelings; to live life carefree (not to worry about what might or will happen in the future) because it just distracts you from the present, all of these moments that are passing is a moment closer to inevitable death. I learnt to just cope with the death of a loved one positively-at least try to; to spread the happiness around while you have it; not to bottle up your emotions, especially when they are strong. Guilt, is one of the strongest emotions anyone could have, so don’t blame yourself for feeling okay faster than you expected, it will just bring you down even more. Cherish your life-its meant to be enjoyed, embraced and cherished, opportunities waiting to be grabbed, dreams waiting to be chased and memories waiting to be made. Don’t let life slip away- once it does, it never comes back.

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  1. Thank you for your honest response to the question.

    I think you are so right about feeling guilt especially if you feel okay faster than is expected. I once had a friend whose mom passed on and they knew she would eventually and it was a matter of time because she had a terminal illness. The thing is that we were all very surprised he took it so calmly but what really surprised us was his father got married again the following year. It was not the conventional thing to do by everyone's standard. However, my friend said that he was 100% behind his father because it would have been something his mother would approve of. The fact they felt okay quite fast after his mother's death was a shock to many people and people were gossiping away, wondering if the other woman was already his father's mistress, etc. She wasn't but what helped his father move along so fast was that when the mother was still alive, she would talk to him at length about how to live life after she is gone and told him if he found someone else after she passes on, to quickly get married and not be lonely and that she would approve of it.

    As a response to how you organised your answer : I had expected you to say what you learnt from each article because each chapter dealt with a loss of a different nature. For example, I expected you to say something like 'I learnt from the first article to cherish every moment of life and to live each day as your last.... In the second article, dealing with a loss of someone you love is difficult but you need to accept it and move on. Sometimes you react with anger...', etc. It is useful to know what you got out of each individual chapter.