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Chicken soup Chapter 5 - Stabbed in the back

05 Extensive Reading Questions for Chapter 5: Stabbed in the Back
Joey’s Pain
Turn to page 146, do the ‘Where do you stand’ quiz.
I have been a bully before, as I had stood by and did nothing while my friends teased someone.
Why should Joey feel ashamed when he came back to school?
He failed at his suicide attempt, cutting his chin instead of his throat.
The author of the article said ‘ I don’t know whatever happened to him’. What do you think happened to Joey?
He went to a mental hospital, where he would be kept until he could be cured.
If you were Maggie Jo Kundla who wrote this article, and you felt so strongly that you have to contact Joey to try say you were sorry, what are the possible things you could you do to find him?
Find out where he is at, then contact him, maybe even go down to tell him sorry face to face if possible.
Memoirs of a Ganger
- Why do you think people join a clique or group or gang?
They want a sense of belonging.
- How long was Jessie in the group before she realized she was really not welcomed and wanted by the rest of the girls?
She stayed with them until three of the clique saw her coming, then hid on top of the toilets. Then she left them.
- List three ways in this article that showed that the author of this article, Terry, was a bully or unkind and disrespectful to her peers.
She let others get bullied and just stood by watching.
- Why didn’t Terry leave the clique when she knew it was not a very healthy one?
She did not want to leave behind the clique when she was still in high school.
Hung Out to Dry
- Consider the friends /classmates or people you spend time with. Would you think that they are healthy for you?
Most of them are kind and good to me, respecting my feelings. Yes, they are healthy for me.
In your own words, say what you think ‘five finger discounted’ means.
It means taking those jewelry for free.
Lindsey ‘was speechless’ when her two ‘best friends’ didn’t say a word to help me her out and left the store in the clear. Why was she reacting this way?
They were her two best friends, and should do everything to help her instead of abandoning or ditching her like this.
Although it was her mom who forbade Lindsey to talk to K.C. and Sarah, why would she be ashamed to talk to her two friends even if she could?
Yes, she would. She did not want to talk to them because she was too upset.
- What would be some possible warning signs that your friends may not be good for you?
They are doing things that you yourself disapprove of.
Forgiving the Unforgivable
- What would you deem to be one thing that you would never expect a good friend would do to you?
Take you as a scrape goat, or befriend somebody who hurt you.
How was Alison different from Andi?
Alison was always calm, had no problems, and was always listening to Andi’s troubles without complaining. She was also more wealthy than Andi.
Do you think it was acceptable that Alison ‘hooked up’ with Andi’s ex-boy friend? Give reason(s) to support your answer.
It is acceptable that she could hook up with Andi’s ex-boyfriend, as she had her own preferences, and Andi should learn how to forgive her ex-boyfriend and instead treat him like a normal friend, instead of holding grudges against him.
Andi ‘decided to forgive’ her friend? What are you thoughts about this decision?
She was right to do that, as it was not her friend’s fault for being attracted to her ex-boyfriend.
You to Blame
- Do you believe that the first love you’ll ever have would always be the only true love? Give a reason(s) for your answer.
No. She may betray you, or you may detest her after she shows her true colours.
What were the possible questions or words said before the responses of
1) “I’m not ready for a relationship’ and (Will you marry me in the future?)
2)“ I’m not feeling for you the same way”? (Do you love me as much as I love you?)
When ‘something plays like a record in a broken dream’, what does that imply about the thoughts of the person involved?
She/He is not comfortable in the situation, and dislikes the person, situation, or object.
What would be some healthy and useful thoughts to help deal with being rejected or dumped by a boyfriend or girlfriend or a close friend?
They were insincere. I don’t really care that much about her. She is not deserving of me. I can always find another girlfriend.
Thunder Still Roars
- Do you think it is okay to have pre-marital sex or are you one who advocates sex only after marriage?
Only after marriage, as pre-marital sex may cause relationship and life problems, like taking care of a baby when you are 15 years old.
What were the things Madison and her boyfriend used to do together?
They watched movies.
What were the signs to show that Madison’s boyfriend had changed his attitude towards her?
He did not call her after sending her home, sounded irritated after she called him, and did not wake her up with his daily morning calls.
Why do you think Madison’s boyfriend dumped her the night after he had sex with her?
He probably did not want to have anything to do with her just in case she had a baby, so that he had a chance to get away clean.
- Why do you think ‘Thunder Still Roars’ was chosen as the title for this article?
She could not forget what happened between her and her boyfriend.
Standing Short
- Have you been or witnessed someone being humiliated by a teacher? How did you handle it or feel?
Everyone kept teasing him after the teacher scolded him. I felt bad for him, but I have to admit that I also joined in. After that, I told myself to refrain from making all those critical remarks about him anymore.
After the humiliation, how did Allyssa deal with the incident initially?
She complained to everyone including her parents and even her teachers.
What did Allyssa finally take away from that same incident?
She managed to get a small part in the play, but she also learnt that her height did not prevent her from achieving larger roles in plays or film productions.
- What would be one thing you wished your teachers would do better in their treatment of students. Why?
If they wanted to criticise their students, they should do it discreetly, like asking the student to stay back to talk to him/her.
- If you had the good fortune of only meeting teachers who treated you well all these years, what would be the one thing you would want your teachers to keep doing?
To keep on supporting us, and being able to forgive us for most of the minor flaws that we make, like letting the occasional bad word or hurtful comment slip from our mouths.

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