Thursday, February 10, 2011

Losing it (Chen Yu 17)

What can you learn or take away from each of the eight articles? Please consider information from the spotlight articles associated with the corresponding chapters.
I have learnt several things from that particular chapter of the book, about one losing a certain something, be it family members, or even personal material belongings. Life is a gift, that everyone on this Earth was given, and that eventually, one day you would have to 'return' that gift; hence the cycle of life and death. Death is inevitable to all, and sooner or later we all would die and we should just accept it like how we all should. Its all a matter of time a loved one would left, but what it really matters is that how we spend and cherish that certain remaining time we all have and not idle away crying all day long or something wasting that precious little time we have left.

Everyone experiences grief, in some sort or another, as its a natural human feeling, and we should all take it to our stride and let the matter slide, accept it, and move on happily with life and not just carrying all that grief around thus making your life even more miserable. Sooner or later it would also be our turn to go, and surely we wouldn't want our loved ones living their lives miserably/not properly.

One day, your doctor comes up to you and informs you that you only have a certain period of time to live. Surely most of the human population would freak out and be in a state of shock that all these are happening and that you would have to leave the world just like that. But, still, with that time you have left to live on this world, surely you would want to do what you would want to do and really finally live life with no regrets left and not have anything thing to regret about when you pass on.

I always believe in that we create our own destiny by walking on the path we chose and the actions we display and that what do is done and you cannot escape destiny's bidding. At the end of the day you would only have yourself to blame. Should people complain and grumble about how horrible life is...All I have to say is...TOO BAD. Life wasn't meant to be fair, and that what done has meant done and all you can do is to accept it and get on with life. Should we ever look at life pathetically, its all just a joke god tried to pull due to boredom and we are all little impromptu puppets and death frees us from this torture but we have the choice to break this pathetic chain of events and choose how you would want to live this pathetic time god gave you to perform.

One fine day, someone informs you that you best friend died. Almost instantly all that memories you two have together flows into your mind and you suddenly feel a surge of sadness that is unexplainable through words(seriously). You feel that you are in a state of helplessness and you cannot do anything to savage the situation.(Most of the least) Then most likely you would go curse about how god is unforgiving and that life is unfair(which is true). Sure, over time you would probably get over your state of shock but forever, you wouldn't completely get over the loss of your best friend nor can there be a substitue for him/her..but I learnt that as long as you are willing to open your heart to forget and accept what has happened, there would always be a place in your heart your best friend occupies and for all eternity, your best friend never died and you are always hanging out and having fun together :)

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  1. This is a very honest and well thought through response. I am actually pleasantly surprised by how you view life and death. I agree that we have to make the best of whatever you get in your lot in this life but I am not sure about a god being a puppet master. At the end of the day, there is always a choice in how you want to live life.

    The blog question actually asks you to respond each article in the chapter. You are supposed to say what you learnt from each of them. What you have done is taken a very general approach to the question.