Monday, May 16, 2011

Article comments–Joel

Article 1
Prime:Page A4:Influence of MM, SM will continue to be felt:Analysts
MM Lee's and SM Goh's contributions to Singapore's development are great and huge, and if they stay on in the cabinet, I personally feel that they can contribute more to Singapore, just like how analysts say that they are vital to SIngapore's relationship with China, India and the middle east. They both have forged great relationships with the countries, and should stay on, perhaps in another postion to keep those ties healthy. To sum it all, I would think it would be a great loss to Singapore if they did really retire.

Article 2
World:Page A10:Taleban using Twitter in propaganda war
This is interesting, because the Taleban had once banned all forms of media, but now it is fighting its war on Twitter. Apparently a check on their account reveals that they are tweeting about casualties that are caused by them, and one of them, as of 1:30, is that an IED(Improvised Explosive Device) had destroyed an American tank. Apparently the Taleban embrace technology and claim is as "a gift from god". Personally, if the Taleban were not a terrorist organisation, I would think that this is a good move, to reach out to more people using what the "enemy"–The U.S.–invented.

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