Monday, May 16, 2011

Reflections-Matthias Lee 13

The first article I chose was the article titled "Chelsea fell the blues as Magpies level".This can be found on page B7.This article is about a football match which was held yesterday.The two teams are Chelsea and Newcastle United(A.K.A Magpies).The final match result was 1-1,a draw.The article was talking about Chelsea's poor form currently.They have lost Manchester United just last week and now,they lost their chance for a last and final win for this season.Although they dominated the match,they did not turn their chances and opportunities into goals.As a Newcastle Fan,I am happy with the result.Being a team that just got promoted into this league,we managed to draw with the previous champions and this is something all Newcastle fans should be proud of.Chelsea scored the first goal,leading 1-0.Then Newcastle drew when Ryan Talyor(Newcastle) took a free-kick and it deflected off another off his teammate.The deflected ball flew into the opponent's net.This was a unintentional goal by Guteirrez.The third goal was by Chelsea,Lampard(Chelsea) took a free kick and his team mate,Alex,headed the ball into the opponents net,hence Chelsea were leading again,this time 2-1.At the last few seconds before the match ended,Steven Taylor(Newcastle) headed the ball into the opponents luck.This was sheer luck as he was at the right place at the right time.This goal was scored just twenty seconds before the match ended.The final result was 2-2.

The Second article was the Yam Ah Mee Articled title"He's so Yam-my".This article talks about jokes that are made about him in the internet.His face was photoshopped into mugs,cups,t-shirts and into some images too,such as James Bond.

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