Monday, May 16, 2011

Ray Newspaper Article thing: Lim Hwee Hua quits politics and cabinet

Number of women in Cabinet back at zero: Pages A1 and A4

Lim Hwee Hua admitted defeat in the Aljunied with her quitting politics, a day right after Foreign Minister George Yeo quitted. Mrs Lim was the Minister in the Prime Minister's Office and the second minister for Finance and Transport.

Saying on her "farewell speech", she said that by 5 years, she would be 57, and that she would like others younger than her to take over. She feels that the WP will take care of Aljunied well, and that she tried her best to understand the residents previously.

Well, the real question is, there was no real valid reason of why she quitted, same with MM Lee, SM Goh, and George Yeo. They did not explain the reason why they quitted. They must be up to something. Hmm.

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